Facilitator Skills Master Classes

Open to the public and FREE for Certified Facilitators. These focused, online sessions will help you hone your skills around specific topic areas. There will be Q&A to address your individual needs & interests. These sessions are personalized and interactive. We have discovered that some of the best connections have been made at these community-building continuing education classes.

Facilitator skills master classes are intended for anyone in a teaching space, specifically our Anxious to Awesome Certified Facilitators. This is also for school teachers, yoga teachers, counselors, coaches and anyone in a teaching role or in the role of facilitating a group (sports team, scout troop, etc.) who wants to incorporate a holistic approach into their work.

Mantra & Mudra


December 7 @ Noon Central

Dive into the captivating world of mantras and mudras. Perhaps the most effective techniques in the yoga toolbox and most overlooked. These simple sounds and gestures can help cultivate self-awareness, emotional balance, and inner strength.

Learn to teach children how and when to weave these powerful tools into their lives. Whether they seek focus and clarity before an exam, a moment of calm after a busy day, or a boost of self-assurance in challenging situations.

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