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Mira teaches workshops, gives talks and appears at book signings around the country. See when she'll be coming to a town near you.

What Does Anxious to Awesome Look Like in Your Family?
October 5 @ 7:00pm Central

Everyone has anxious feelings but each family is unique. In this free workshop, we’ll share some quick tools from our proven strategy to feel less anxious and more awesome.

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21 Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome
Oct. 15 - Nov. 5

You CAN help your child feel less anxious and more awesome. Mira's been helping families just like yours thrive since 1999. The 21-Day Journey shows the way.

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Teaching Teens - Facilitator Skills Master Class
October 22 @ 10am Central

This workshop will focus specifically on teaching yoga/mindfulness to teens. We’ll talk about language, favorite poses and techniques, and mindset.

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Inclusive & Aware Language - Facilitator Skills Master Class
November 16 @ 7:00pm Central

One of the main root causes of anxiety is separation. In this workshop, we’ll cover DEI (Diversity/Equity/Inclusion) and trauma. 

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Restorative Yoga & Guided Relaxation - Facilitator Skills Master Class
December 8 @ Noon

Learn the benefits of restorative yoga and relaxation, as well as how to set up restorative poses using minimal props and key points for guided relaxation.

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