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Mira teaches workshops, gives talks and appears at book signings around the country. See when she'll be coming to a town near you.

The Science of Breath - Facilitator Skills Master Class
February 11 @ 10am Central

Proper breathing is directly tied to robust mental and physical health. In this master class, you’ll discover which techniques are most safe and effective for children.

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The Original Psychology - Facilitator Skills Master Class
March 8 @ 7:00pm Central

 Yoga can be seen as one of the earliest forms of psychology, as it provides a framework for understanding and working with the mind and emotions. 

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Certified Facilitator Training 
March 18-19

The demand to support children moving through anxious feelings has never been greater. Anxious to Awesome™ is here to help!  You can learn how to deliver this life-changing system to those who need it most.

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