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Donna L. Murphy, 


I am a yoga instructor and children’s book author and illustrator. As a yoga instructor, I tailor yoga practices to individual and group needs, encouraging self awareness and the internal connection of body and mind through breathwork, exploring asanas (yoga poses), and meditation. The level of awareness and connection is different for each person as we journey our own paths and at our own pace. With this in mind, I strive to provide an inclusive environment with a range of classes for all ages and abilities including chair yoga, children’s yoga, family yoga, and beginner to intermediate yoga. 

Yoga often begins simply as a form of exercise. It is a wonderful way to begin because it is accessible to everyone. Asana practice opens the door to greater levels of awareness. Overtime, with continued practice, we develop a subtle recognition of sensations within the body, a deeper understanding, and a more intuitive connection to the world around us and within us. Yoga becomes a way of being in tune with the body and mind for greater self regulation, mastering our response to emotions, strengthening our resilience, and perceiving our interconnectedness with the world.

As a children’s book author and illustrator, I’m inspired by authors such as Beatrix Potter. So much of her writing and illustrating was drawn from the countryside where she lived. I live on a farm and find great inspiration here which led to the creation of King’s Land Tales, my website (,which is also a resource for parents and teachers, and the setting for my writing. I share that inspiration of nature and animals with children through my illustrations but also encourage children through story, to be their highest selves and to be confident in their ability to successfully make their way in the world.

Story and yoga are two wonderfully engaging ways of reaching children. Yoga helps children become stronger, more confident, and connected with their inner self. Books open their imagination to possibilities and adventures. This is why I love being involved with both.

As a certified Anxious to Awesome facilitator, I am both honored to be a part of Mira Binzen’s team and pleased to offer the tools necessary to help children and families learn ways of lessening stress and anxiety to become their best selves.


  • MA Early Childhood and Elementary Education & Administration
    Nova Southeastern University, Florida
  • BA Economics & Fine Arts
    Vanderbilt University, NashviIIe, TN

Yoga Certifications

  • 500H Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT)
    Yoga Alliance
    Dec 2020
  • 300H RYT
    Grow Yoga School (RYS)
    Nov 2020
  • 95H RCYT (Children's)
    Global Family Yoga (RYS)
    Sep 2014
  • 200H RYT
    YogaWorks (RYS)
    June 2013
  • 120H Ayurveda Wellness Training
    Sevanti Institute
    June-July 2020
  • Anxious to Awesome Facilitator
    Global Family Yoga (RYS)

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Email: [email protected]