When life stirs up anxious feelings at nearly every turn, it may feel like a distant dream to feel awesome or even at ease.

We're here to help.

Anxiety is the number one mental health challenge in the world today – for both kids and adults.

We are dedicated to helping your children not just survive but thrive.

Through our book, online programs, faciliator training and more, we help families like yours better understand and improve mental health, naturally.

Everyone deserves to feel vibrant, connected and at ease.  And that’s what we want for you, your children and your whole family.

With our proven system, you'll be able to focus on the path, not the pathology, and approach it with positivity. You'll be empowered to help your child confidently sail beyond the rocky shores of anxiety on to calmer waters with tools they can use for life.

While we don’t believe you can wave a magic wand and wish anxious feelings away (though we must admit to a love of all things magic and sparkly), we do believe – based on science – that you can significantly improve your quality of life when you understand how and use the right tools at the right time.

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Learn what anxiety is and how to shift out of it. Get effective tools to weave into your daily routine - with pracitcal advice for the real world.

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We have a proven system based on nearly two decades of training, research and experience. This 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome is the game-changing mindset program that will transform your family’s wellbeing. 

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The demand to support children moving through anxious feelings has never been greater. The time-tested tools in this training address the root cause of any imbalance and support wellbeing on all levels – physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

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