Anxious to Awesome: A Practical Guide for the Whole Family

In a world that can evoke anxious feelings at nearly every turn, it may feel like a distant dream to feel awesome or even at ease. Anxiety is the number one mental health challenge in the world today – for both kids and adults. This practical guidebook is for families who want to feel less anxious and more awesome without a huge investment of time or money.

In this guidebook you’ll learn:

  • Some simple science of the mind – both ancient and modern – to empower you to take action
  • What anxiety is and how to shift out of it using body, breath, mind, nature and people
  • How to weave quick and effective tools into your daily routine - with practical advice for the real world

Move your body with awareness, shape your breath, tend to your mind, engage with nature and with others. It will help you feel better. Sometimes a little bit and oftentimes a lot. Each chapter is filled with enjoyable activities anyone can do; no experience needed! These tools help you address anxious feelings minute-by-minute, day-by-day and year after year. Soon you’ll be the captain of your own ship and off on the adventure of being YOU. In our increasingly complex world, simple solutions can be the most effective. Learn to listen to nature, deepen your own breath (with the help of your living room floor) and stand strong like a superhero. Using simple tools that develop awareness and connection, you can start to resolve the root cause of anxious feelings. On a daily basis you can reduce anxious feelings and feel more awesome. It’s like a muscle you can build up to feel better every day.

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Your guide on the journey from anxious to awesome is Mira Binzen, C-IAYT. Mira has worked with children who have mental health concerns like anxiety since she was in high school. Mira was an anxious kid and is sometimes still an anxious adult. But she’s got tools and a lifestyle that helps her handle it with grace. And now you will too.

She’s been teaching her signature Anxious to Awesome™ classes to families like yours for more than 12 years. Mira has a special knack for taking the complex and seemingly mysterious practices from ancient wisdom and making them fun and accessible for families today. The effective tools from this program are now available in this guidebook.

In addition to being a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), she is also a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher, a certified essential oil specialist and has a degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She has been teaching wellness strategies to children and families since 1999. She lives in Minnesota with her partner and their fur babies, Sita and Boudica. This is her first book.

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