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Erin Frey

As an adolescent and former competitive athlete, I struggled with anxiety and self-judgement. An “Am I good enough?” mentality, perfectionism and the feeling of always being judged, plagued me. Sadly, these challenges are not uncommon among youth today. Anxiety and depression rates are on a swift rise.

When I started to see the benefits of healing through my own Yoga and Mindfulness practices, I knew I needed to share these therapeutic tools with others.

My own practice, which is non-negotiable, keeps me grounded and allows me to take an authentic approach to teaching, all with warmth and a friendly smile. By creating a playground of sorts, I help engage children’s curiosity. Mindfulness and Yoga are not about fixing a problem or behavior; instead, it’s about planting seeds to empower children with a toolkit of their own to have a sense of agency, build resilience and know they have the power and choice in how they show up in order to take care of themselves, others and their environment.

I often think of children as gardens of their own. We must remember that each garden takes time to weed, sow and bloom. When we tend to the garden with patience, kindness and curiosity, it can flourish into a sanctuary full of life-long beauty and bounty.

Each student young or old, represents a pebble whose ripple effect can help create a future full of peace, harmony and balance!

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