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Liza Miller

Certified Experienced Yoga Teacher & Natural Healing Practitioner Frankfurt, Germany

Throughout my years of yoga practice, I learned to balance and cope with the day-to-day challenges of life. I become more connected with my body and mind, more empowered with my health, and more vibrant, energetic, and intuitive.

My Intention & Philosophy is to help you understand your body and the yoga poses so that you can safely practice at home or elsewhere, regardless of style. Yoga is all about optimising our lifestyle through a dedicated practice by observing ourselves with awareness physically, mentally, and spiritually.

My Approach & Style. Our physical makeup is unique and our body changes depending on the time of day and time of life. For this reason, I focus on your individual and situational needs. There are different yoga poses, such as standing poses, seated poses, backbends, and forward bends to name a few. The poses complement each other depending on what your body needs. My training may vary depending on the day, your yoga experience, and your energy level.

For techniques, I break down the mechanics of a pose so that you can learn and experience the posture and feel the changes in your practice and in your body. We will work with the breath together to incorporate the flow or movements of the body. I favour a slow-moving style, where the transition is a part of the pose as the pose itself. Above all, I know of no better learning aid than laughter. I believe that a sense of humour is an essential companion in our journey to our practice.

My goal is to help you reach your optimal health through yoga and energy healing with Reiki, Gong Therapy, and Aroma-touch Massage.

I hope that you will leave feeling renewed from my yoga classes and treatments. After all, our well-being is built upon our lifestyle, and lifestyle practices are free.

My Qualifications:

  • 200 hour Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Certificate 2011, Yoga Limbs-Hong Kong, China (Yoga Alliance Certified) Member of Yoga Alliance since 2011
  • 200 hour Drishti Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training Certificate February 2013, Drishti Vinyasa Yoga, Kerala, India (Yoga Alliance Certified)
  • Certified Children's Yoga Teacher, November 2016, Global Family Yoga, Chicago, USA (Yoga Alliance Certified)
  • Level II Attuned Reiki Healer and Practitioner, November 2016, Jerry Mikutis Reiki Yoga, Chicago, USA
  • Gong Yoga Certified, June 2017, Mehtab Benton, Yoga Mangalam, Tavaaker, Sweden
  • Aromatouch Technique Massage Certification 2018, Doterra Zurich, Switzerland
  • Certified Anxious to Awesome Facilitator 2022, Anxious to Awesome Chicago, IL, USA


Contact Me:

Phone: +49 173 2608074
Email: [email protected]