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Stacy Medina, MOT/L 

Stacy Medina, a native of Chicago, expressed her passion for dance as a young girl, improvising in her front yard with the music blaring. Her passion led her to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Dance from University of Illinois. Post graduation, Stacy studied Balinese dance in Indonesia and returned home to perform professionally with Chicago modern dance companies, including “The 58 Group” and “Estradanza.”

Embracing the opportunity to share her passion with youth, Stacy led classes for children and teens in a variety of dance styles for the Glenn Ellyn Park District youth program. During this time, she became a Certified Pilates Instructor through Power Pilates and taught the therapeutic effects of Pilates to a varied population who sought their health and quality of life through movement.

In an effort to fuse her background in dance and Pilates, Stacy earned a Masters in Occupational Therapy (OT) from Rush University. With an emphasis in holistic lifestyle management, Stacy enjoys working with families and individuals to cultivate and implement lifestyle change for health and wellness. She is thrilled to be an Anxious to Awesome facilitator and Children’s Yoga teacher through Global Family Wellness.

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