21-Day Journey

from Anxious to Awesome

When life stirs up anxious feelings at nearly every turn, it may feel like a distant dream to feel awesome or even at ease.

This 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome is the game-changing mindset program that will transform your family’s wellbeing. 

Your family deserves to not just survive, but thrive.

We have a program based on nearly two decades of training, research and experience.

Join a community of families who are ready to change the story around mental health, step onto the captain’s bridge and sail on to calmer waters.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have a lifestyle coach in your corner to guide you through a simple system tailor-made to your family’s needs, schedule and interests?

Imagine dropping your daughter off at school and she actually gets out of the car and goes into the building. No tantrums, no drama.

Or, homework time feels satisfying and is not another defeating battle.

Dinnertime doesn’t end in tears and tummy aches are a thing of the past.

The whole family is sleeping better.

There’s more spaciousness in your schedule.

You’re connecting again over good times together and not just therapy appointments and crisis interventions.

Sounds great! Sign me up.

Do you feel overwhelmed? Are you afraid it’s always going to be this way? You’re not alone. You’re normal.

Anxiety is the number one mental health challenge in the world today – for both children and adults. 

Why do we still have a stigma in our society about mental health needs? Your kid breaks an arm on the playground and proudly goes to school the next day with a packet of markers to get his cast signed.

But when he misses the third day in one month due to overwhelming anxious feelings, you find yourself making up a story about why he was absent? Your child’s mental health matters. Your child matters. Your whole family matters.

You deserve to thrive. But what is your plan to make it happen?

You probably have some ideas:

  • Drop out and buy a farm in Costa Rica.
  • Win the lottery and hire a full staff of domestic help, including homework helpers, a live-in psychologist and a chef.
  • Crawl under the covers and pray that it passes.

We have a better solution.

Transformation starts with MINDSET.

The complicated mind and mood challenges your kids face can feel like an unsolvable calculus equation.

But it can be simpler than that. Much simpler.

Simple system + mindset = a life you can feel good about.

This mindset is based on wholeness and health, not disorder and disease.

Which of these fears and hidden beliefs are holding your family back from living a life feeling vibrant, connected and at ease?

"It’s always going to be this way."

"We don’t have the time/money to solve this."

"No one seems to really understand what’s going on or how to make it better."

"How hard do we have to work to make this better?"

"Is this my fault?"

Definitely not. It’s not your fault and it's not always going to be this way.

How do we know? We’ve been helping families just like yours for nearly two decades.

I'm ready for the journey!

Testimonials for Anxious to Awesome™

I have already introduced the Captain's Log and the Stressometer (to an 8-year old boy with extreme, school-related anxiety). At the end of the session, the captain reported being "on the green," which meant totally calm. Thank you for all the tools. It's going to be a game-changer for many kids and their adults. 
Marta G., Yorktown Heights, NY

You have reminded me that it’s important to have fun and not stress over every single little thing.  It makes a great bonding experience for parents with their kids to break it down into chunks and help guide them through.
Miranda E., Green Bay, WI

I've been sharing Anxious to Awesome™ programing with teens and am amazed at just how beneficial it is. They're loving it! 
Stacy M., Berwyn, IL

It’s time to change the story about anxious feelings and mental health. It’s time to take back your family, your honor, your time, your dignity. 

You CAN help your child feel less anxious and more awesome. Your child can also learn to help themselves. 

Move your body with awareness, shape your breath, tend to your mind, engage with nature and with others. It will help you feel better. Sometimes a little bit and oftentimes a lot. In this online program we’ll share enjoyable activities anyone can do; no experience needed! These tools help you address anxious feelings minute-by-minute, day-by-day and year after year. 

More importantly, we'll help your whole family give a new context to anxious feelings and the place they have in your mind and in your life.

Who is This For?

Anxious feelings are contagious. If one person in the family – grown-up or kid – is anxious, it’s likely other family members are too. This is why we offer a family approach. Families are a system. Each member is connected to the other. Kids don’t struggle or thrive in a vacuum. Grown-ups are encouraged to engage in the tools and activities for your own personal benefit as well as a role model for the kids in the family.  

We use the term “grown-up” instead of “parents” because we recognize the variety of family systems and honor the aunts, grandparents and other adults who have stepped into the role of parenting. 

Registration is per household. Parents, kids, grandparents and cats. Whoever is in the home has access with your registration.

It’s for families who want to feel less anxious and more awesome without a huge investment of time or money. This course is based on the book, Anxious to Awesome: A Practical Guide for the Whole Family. It makes the tools in this book come to life with videos, an interactive area to comment and question, plus lots of personalized support. We dive much deeper and are at your side the whole way.

If you don’t have the book, no problem. You’ll get everything you need within the program. If you want to purchase the book, you can do so here.

Who is this NOT for?

If you are looking for a quick fix, a magic bullet or something that’s “done for you” this program isn’t for you. 

If you’re ready to take action and are open to a new perspective, then you’ll find yourself at home in our community of similarly committed families.

We're ready to take action.

Introducing The 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome.

In This Program You’ll Discover:

  • What anxiety is and how to shift out of it using body, breath, mind, nature and people.
  • Some simple science of the mind – both ancient and modern – to empower you to take action.
  • How to weave quick and effective tools into your daily routine - with practical advice for the real world.
  • How anxious feelings are contagious in the family – and what to do about it.
  • How to empower your child to be in the driver’s seat of their own experience (don’t worry, this isn’t nearly as scary as it sounds).
  • What to do if your kids won’t do it and how to handle resistance.
  • What to do instead of avoiding anxiety-inducing activities and events.

You’ll Get:

  • A new understanding of anxiety – based on science (both ancient and modern)
  • Simple tools that work plus a mindset that makes a difference
  • Concrete steps to incorporate these tools into a daily routine
  • Daily routines to nourish and support the body, breath, and mind
  • Reminders and insights to connect with nature and people
  • A deeper philosophy for living with connection and awareness
  • Checklists and trackers to help keep you on course
  • An interactive comments area to connect with like-minded families

You'll also get two bonuses 
to help you address two common concerns:

  1. I don’t have enough time.
    Time stress is real. How often do you feel like you have “extra” time? The same science that can help you feel less anxious and more awesome, can also help you feel a greater sense of mastery over time. We’ve pulled it all together in the Time Wrangler bonus, complete with trackers and audio support.
  2. I can’t deal with any more email.
    Since we’ll be adding a bit of sparkle to your email each day during the 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome, we want it to be surrounded with a little more peace and a little more mastery. That’s why we’re giving you Inbox Zen. It’s a complete guide to wrangling your email so you feel more ease and less angst when it comes time to open that inbox.

This is a $497 program. And your family's mental wellbeing is worth every penny.  It's not simply an investment in the present moment, but in a future full of unlimited possibilities.

How it Works

As soon as you register, you'll get an email confirming your purchase. It includes some tips on getting ready for the journey. Then on Saturday (no matter what day you register), you'll receive the first of your daily emails. 

Aaack, you may be thinking. Not more email! Don’t worry. This isn’t a text book each day. These are short, inspiring and encouraging messages with links to new tools/techniques/activities, presented in short videos. We’re going to drip things out in bite-sized pieces so you have daily success and never feel overwhelmed. Miss a day? Go back and check it out any time. We’re not here to add more stress to your life.

This journey is going to be simple and fun!

We’ll begin by focusing on a morning routine. You’re going to practice some basic techniques to get your day started right. It takes just 6-10 minutes. Can just a few minutes in the morning change the outcome of your day? Yes!

Do you know what else is key to managing anxious feelings? Proper sleep. It’s common for people dealing with stress and anxiety to have a hard time getting to sleep or staying asleep. Racing and restless thoughts can keep you from getting a good night’s rest. Proper rest is essential for optimum health – both mental and physical. We’re going to give you tools to help you relax and enjoy sweet sleeps.

What about all the time in between? Maybe your child’s struggle is during the day at school. Or in the transition times between activities. You’ll get techniques for dealing with situations on-the-go and for hitting the reset button when needed. 

The kids get a Daily Quest. This is how they'll begin to tell a new story, to become empowered with self-understanding. They can watch a video (average run time = 3 minutes) or read a post, and then ponder. They’ll be invited to discuss with family members and journal in their captain’s log. This is how they begin to become the captain of their own ship - pursuing their goals and aspirations, and living their lives in a way that is true to themselves.  Some families watch the video before dinner and discuss while dining. You get to decide where those 3 minutes fit into your day.

We didn't forget about the grown-ups involved in this program. Each day you'll get a new Grown-ups Guide. This is like a mini daily podcast for you. Listen (or read) while brewing a cup of tea or brushing your teeth. These average 2 minutes each. We’re all about baby steps here in A to A Land. It’s more sustainable.

There's also a Weekly Peek & Tweak. This is your weekly anchor (that you can do on whichever day suits your schedule). It's the plan and review part of the Plan, Do, Review system.  It's a guided session that gives you an opportunity to check in and receive support and encouragement along the way. We'll practice some fun techniques during these sessions too! At the final Peek & Tweak, we’ll wrap up the program and help you celebrate! We’ll make sure you have a plan for continued success after the conclusion of the program. Your journey is ongoing. 

All the content of the program is yours to keep. You can revisit your favorite days/techniques, catch up on things you may have missed and continue to learn and practice new skills any time.

Whether you cover the content in 21 days, 21 weeks or 21 months - it WILL make a difference for your family.

Why 21 Days?

Habits are like roads in your brain. It takes about 21 days to hack out a path in the neural jungle of your mind. It can take many months for that path to become a paved highway of a habit, but 21 days is a good minimum to get some momentum going. 

What happens when you go from Anxious to Awesome?  

Are you ready to: 

  • Take back control of your routine and your life?
  • Discover ease and simplicity in daily routines?
  • Transform your life in baby steps overtime?
  • Go from feeling lost in a sea of uncontrolled emotions to being the captain of your own ship?

Then you are ready for THIS Journey!

We ARE ready for this journey!

Frequently Asked Questions


This is a breakthrough program. 

What's your family’s wellbeing worth to you? How much longer do you want to live this way? 

Invest in your family NOW to start upleveling to a life you LOVE.


We're confident that you will love this program and that it will change your life. But if you’re feeling uncertain, we have a guarantee. 

If after you've completed the first week you find the program does not meet your expectations - we'll give you a full refund. You can't afford NOT to give this new approach to holistic wellness a try.

No hard feelings, no questions asked, nothing but well-wishes.  We want you to feel confident too.

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