3 Tips for More Peace and Balance with the 3 Gunas

Feb 23, 2023

What is a flower before it’s a flower? A seed!  In the ground. Dark, inert. Then, there is ACTION. Movement and change. Then a flower just is. Beautiful, fully expressed as a flower. Then there is an active state of decomposing. It becomes inert as a part of the soil and then joins the activity of nourishing the next seed. This is the cycle of all life.

The cycle of life is a fascinating phenomenon we witness every day. Like the growth of a flower from a seed, everything follows a specific pattern. It’s the same for our emotions, which may seem difficult to manage. But, if we observe them carefully, we can understand that they too follow a cycle. 

Just like a flower starts as a seed, our emotions begin as a thought or feeling. When we catch onto that emotion and allow it to consume us, it becomes our reality. But, if we choose to observe it instead of identifying with it, we can watch it move into being and then naturally dissolve back into nothingness.  

Everything is made up of three qualities or states of being, known as the three gunas - Sattva, Rajas, and Tamas. Everything at all times is in one of these three states.

Sattva is the state of clarity and balance, Rajas is the state of agitation and movement, and Tamas is the state of inertia and darkness.

When we feel agitated, angry, or anxious, we are in a state of Rajas, and it’s time to slow down and calm our minds. On the other hand, when we feel dull, confused or heavy, we are in a state of Tamas, and it’s time to get active and move our bodies. When we feel peaceful and at ease, we are in a state of Sattva.  

In this video, Mira shares 3 practical tips for how to make space for these qualities to run their course. You can use this awareness of the 3 Gunas to find peace and balance while living a healthier, happier life.

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