3 Keys for Sweet Sleeps

Sep 29, 2022

Quality and quantity of sleep definitely affect your mental health. There is a direct relationship between how you slept last night and how anxious you feel today.

A study published in November 2019 in the Nature Human Behavior Journal reports that, “Sleep disruption is a recognized feature of all anxiety disorders.” It goes on to state, “And, of societal relevance, we establish that even modest night-to-night reductions in sleep across the population predict consequential day-to-day increase in anxiety. These findings help contribute to an emerging framework explaining the intimate link between sleep and anxiety and further highlight the prospect of non-rapid eye movement sleep as a therapeutic target for meaningfully reducing anxiety.”

Sleep is medicine. Your body and brain do amazing things while you sleep – and in different stages of sleep. Your brain is at times more active while you sleep than when you’re awake. You don’t want your brain to miss out on all this important work!

There are 3 keys for sweet sleeps. Watch this video to find out more.

The guided relaxation CD you see in the video can be found here.

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