Back to School Ritual

Sep 08, 2022

Going back to school after a summer off is one of the biggest transitions in a child’s year. Some kids love school and others struggle. Either way, it’s important for our mental, emotional and spiritual health to mark transitions with ritual.

Why? Ritual gives meaning to transitions. It gives us a chance to slow down, be intentional and “in the moment”. Other benefits include:  

  • Deepens family bonds
  • Gives children a sense of comfort and safety during changes
  • Gives them a way to acknowledge and process feelings
  • Gives a sense of identity and belonging
  • Acknowledges the significance of the event
  • Marks the passage of time

The most important ingredient in a ritual is the meaning you give it. Include your own customs and preferences. Consider the thought starters in this video and create a back-to-school ritual that’s right for you and your family. 

Ritual matters. If you’d like extra help with rituals and routines to help your family feel less anxious and more awesome check out our 21-Day Journey. We’ll help you on a day-by-day basis – in small, bite-sized pieces that are easy to implement develop these kinds of healthy habits so you can be the captain of your own ship on the journey from anxious to awesome.

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