Going to School With Anxiety

Aug 03, 2022

It's more difficult for kids to learn when they are anxious. When the alarm system goes off in your body/mind complex, less critical tasks such as immunity, digestion, memory and learning are shut off to shuttle more energy to the emergency at hand.

Worry thoughts trigger this emergency response in the body.

We know many children who resist school, refuse to go to school and have a lot of anxiety related to school. But kids need to get to school so they can learn. They also benefit from the social experiences they have there (though also a source of stress for some). 

AND, school is a great place to build up strength for challenging situations. 

You can think of a pop quiz, a rude comment from a classmate or having to give a presentation in class like adding weights at the gym to build muscle. School is where you practice what you need to be a successful adult. 

This week we’ll share a perspective on school anxiety along with tools to use before, during and after school to feel less anxious and more awesome.

Your mind is SO powerful. It can run you over or you can tame that wild stallion and have it take you to the most amazing places. You DO have a choice. You can become self-empowered. School is a super fantastic place to practice this.  

So let’s take a look at going to school with anxiety.

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