Habits Are the Building Blocks

Aug 10, 2022

We’re on a mission to empower you and your family to live a life of total wellbeing. That means thriving, not just surviving. It means being connected and aware – mind, body and spirit. 

When you look at a beautiful, well-built brick home, you may not notice each brick even though this is what makes up the structure of the home.

The same is true for your beautiful life. Habits are the building blocks. They are small and there are many. Some are beneficial and some…not so much.

Most of us know what habits in life promote our wellbeing – eating well, sleeping well, moving well, drinking plenty of water and thinking positive thoughts – but we don’t always do those things.

Why is that?

We’re dedicating the next four weeks to diving into the architecture of habits. 

Brick by brick you can create a beautiful building of well-being.

First up is keeping track of habits. This is the fun part! Checking off a box when you complete a chosen habit is better than getting a “like” on social media.

This in and of itself is beneficial. It motivates you and builds momentum. 

When you understand habits and how to build beneficial ones into your life, you are on your way to self-directed, empowered living.

You are on your way to thriving.

I explain it further in the video below.

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