How a Piece of Paper Can Help You Feel Better

Jun 30, 2022

The human mind is a wonderfully complex and sometimes overwhelming thing. We have lots of tools to help understand and direct the mind. Writing is one of them.

Writing your thoughts down on paper is a powerful tool you and your kids can use anytime to gain clarity, insight and relief.

It’s a super, wonderful, fantastic tool for your mental/emotional & spiritual health. YOU get to decide how to do it. In our new video on Journaling for Kids, I share the many benefits as well simple ways to get started. This is a positive, practical and purposeful tool that can play a big part in feeling less anxious and more awesome.

A journal is a place where you can record your experiences, hopes, dreams, insights, and all emotional states – wanted or unwanted. 

I write about a “captain’s log” in the book, Anxious to Awesome: A Practical Guide for the Whole Family, and it’s a big part of our 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome. It’s a travelogue of your experience on this adventure called life. It helps you keep track of where you’ve been and where you’re going for greater insight and self-understanding.

Your journal can be like your own therapist or your wisest self, giving you counsel simply by listening deeply as you say what you have to say, on paper.

Check out the video below or on YouTube.


We created Journaling Prompts for Kids to go along with this video. You can get it here.


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