I AM Meditation

Jan 26, 2023

If you find yourself or your child saying “my anxiety” that’s a tell-tale sign it’s part of your identity. Anxiety is a normal human emotion that becomes a habit that’s reinforced by identity. Instead of a fluctuating state, it turns into the identity, “I’m an anxious person.” Your brain then habitually defaults to an anxious response. 

In Atomic Habits by James Clear (with over 10 million copies sold), he talks about the importance of identity in habit formation.

We do the things that reinforce who we think we are. It’s the belief behind the behavior that makes a habit stick.

Brain patterns can be changed. Because the human brain is incredibly amazing! You’ll still have anxious feelings, but you won’t identify as an anxious person and your body and brain can change the habit of being anxious. 

We’ve got a great new Meditate with Mira video for you that can help.

Our Meditate with Mira series is a great way for families to begin a regular meditation practice. This is an example of a tiny transformation. Five minutes is all it takes, but the benefits compound over time.

Simple meditations are included in our Awesome Morning Routine segment of the 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome. It’s now available to start anytime.

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