Parenting in America Today

Feb 02, 2023

On January 24th, 2023, Pew Research published a survey they conducted on the state of parenting in America today. No surprise, they found that, “Mental health concerns top the list of worries for parents” and “most say being a parent is harder than they expected.”
They found “four-in-ten U.S. parents with children younger than 18 say they are extremely or very worried that their children might struggle with anxiety or depression at some point.”

Roughly nine-in-ten parents say it’s extremely or very important to them that their children be financially independent when they are adults, and the same share say it’s equally important that their children have jobs or careers they enjoy.”

If getting your child to go to school, do their homework, take social risks and try new things is hard now, how will they become financially independent and find a vocation that they enjoy?

The longer a child resists the unfamiliar, the harder it becomes to take these necessary risks. It’s through trial and error that we grow.

This is why we created the 21-Day Journey from Anxious to Awesome. We know through experience and an understanding of the science of the mind that baby steps toward new habits lay the foundation for exactly what parents report is most important.

Part of what makes parenting hard is getting your kids to engage in behavior and habits that will lead to these positive outcomes in adulthood. We hear this often. “My kid won’t do it.” 

There is comfort with familiarity. Trying something new is uncomfortable.  Children (and adults!) prefer the comfort of their current routine, even when they desire a different result. This is perfectly normal. Bilbo Baggins didn’t want to leave the Shire. Shrek didn’t want to leave his swamp. Dorothy didn’t feel ready to “follow the yellow brick road”.  But they did. And in doing so they transformed themselves and their lives.

The 21-Day Journey will help your family face challenges and overcome obstacles, just like the heroes in those stories. Like them, you’ll learn important lessons - gaining knowledge, power and skills. Ultimately transforming into a wiser, stronger and more capable person.

We realize the irony in saying, “Hey, kids! Let’s do something uncomfortable for a few weeks.” But what you’re really doing is inviting them on a journey to become the happy, well-adjusted people you know they can be.

Start today!

You can read the full Pew Research Center survey here

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