Reconnected Kids

Apr 20, 2023

Way back, we had a program called ReConnected Kids™. It was a series of techniques and insights that helped children feel more integrated, balanced and connected. It’s morphed over the years into Anxious to Awesome™.

Working closely with children, many with special needs, I saw how connection is linked to wellbeing. In fact, according to Yoga, the root cause of all illness and suffering is the illusion of separation. We are all one, all connected, but often times we don’t experience it.

Yoga is the practice of developing awareness and connection. It’s something greatly needed in the world today.

A fun, practical and physical way to experience connection is through partner poses. Physical touch, eye contact, communication, shared experience and helping another all promote connection. 

You can do partner poses with your spouse, your children, your sibling or parent. You could even do them at work before a meeting! I’m all in favor of that.

Did you know we have a playlist of partner poses on our YouTube channel? Check them out! Try a few and let us know how it goes.

When facing complex problems, it’s easy to doubt simple solutions. But these are often the most effective. Yoga postures, done alone or in partners, shift your energy, your mindset and help to regulate the body and mind. They take just a few minutes. Try it and see for yourself.

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