Selfless Service Without Burnout

Mar 09, 2023

Serving others, a practice called “karma yoga” or “seva” is a tool we can use to elevate the mind and the heart. We naturally want to help others, but it’s hard when we’re already overwhelmed and exhausted.

How can we provide selfless service when we don't feel like we have anything left to give? Watch the video to learn how.

Most of the time we’re tuned to radio WIIFM – what’s in it for me? Seva – selfless service – turns our hearts outward towards others. This is healing on many levels.  

It's as simple as it sounds. Help others, for the sake of helping others. Not to win volunteer of the week or get a shout-out on social media.  The popular meme – random acts of kindness – speaks to this.

Here are some ideas to get you started: 

  • Smile and make eye contact with people as you pass them by.
  • Offer a sincere compliment
  • Write a thank you card
  • Sweep the kitchen floor – just for the sake of a clean floor
  • Pick up trash in your neighborhood
  • Remember and use someone’s name
  • Help a neighbor
  • Bake something to give to someone
  • Plant a flower or a tree
  • Thank your teacher
  • Thank the service people in your community
  • Read to dogs in a shelter
  • Hold the door open for someone
  • Call your grandparents
  • Donate your toys and clothes
  • Ask how you can help around your home

Give one of these a try. I bet it will improve your mood AND brighten the day for someone else. Win-win.

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