Shake, Shake, Shake

Oct 13, 2022

You’ve seen a dog get out of water and shake their whole body, right? Your dog doesn’t just do this to shake water out of their fur. Dogs also shake to release tension.

In this video, I’m going to show you a very simple and very effective 30-second movement to release stress right away. One more tool you can use anytime, anywhere.

One of the physical symptoms of stress is muscle tension.  Another effect of stress is a flood of adrenaline into the body. Shaking can release both.

One very important side benefit is that it will likely crack you up. Laughing is another powerful way to release stress. So if you find yourself giggling while you shake, milk it. Keep laughing.

Side note: with anxious feelings, there may be some resistance. So you may not feel like it trying it at first. That’s okay. Just start and then you’ll get in the groove.

Have you heard the phrase “shake it off”? This is what we’re talking about.

Would you like to try a few more fun, simple ways to feel less anxious and more awesome?

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