Until Now

Dec 07, 2022

Your brain is like a baseball pitching machine. Instead of pitching out a five-ounce, nine-inch, white leather ball with 108 red stitches, your brain pitches thoughts:

  • Positive thoughts
  • Negative thoughts
  • Happy and sad thoughts
  • Thoughts about the past and the future

It also pitches beliefs, your personality and your sense of self. 

A belief is a thought you keep repeating. If you keep thinking something negative about yourself – or someone else – over and over, you’ll start to believe it is true. It’s the same thing for positive thoughts.  

People struggling with anxious feelings may have limiting beliefs about themselves in general, about the difficulty of something or about the world. These beliefs can keep them from being their best and having an awesome life.  

Many beliefs about ourselves include emotional attachments. They may even be part of our identity. So it can be scary or overwhelming to let them go.

There's a transformative phrase that can help shift limiting beliefs into more empowered ones. It’s “Until Now”.  “Until Now” starts to tell a different story. “Until Now” puts the belief on notice. It opens the door to a new experience.

I explain further in this video. 

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