What Can a Toddler Teach You About Habits?

Aug 24, 2022

We promote the “Tiny Transformation.” It’s another way of saying “baby steps”. As you step on the path to wellbeing, you may be tempted to “do all the things.” This isn’t sustainable.  Small changes made slowly over time is what will lead to awesome outcomes.
Keep this in mind when you begin new habits that don’t seem like they are doing much, like getting up 5 minutes earlier so you can meditate in the morning, or taking a walk with the whole family after dinner. This one single wellness habit can lead to a radically different outcome for your family over time.
Have you had the chance to watch a baby learn to walk? It’s amazing and teaches us so much about learning, growing and developing habits. Babies don’t give up. They fall down – a lot. And they keep getting back up. They are going to learn to walk, no matter how long it takes, no matter how awkward they feel or look, no matter how many times they fall down on their squishy diapers or bump their head on the coffee table. They are in it to win it.
Those early walkers didn’t pick the hardest thing first. They didn’t decide to get up and run. They started with crawling and then pulling up to standing with the help of a sturdy end table or a parent’s leg.
Watch the Video to learn how to get your ship back on course as you build healthy habits that last a lifetime.


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