What to Do When “Take a Deep Breath” Doesn’t Work

Sep 15, 2022
Tree Breathing Mentor

Have you ever been feeling anxious, worried or stressed-out and someone says to you, “Take a deep breath.” and it just didn’t work? Or have you offered this advice to a child and they resisted it? They said, “No!” or “I can’t!” There are several reasons for this.

Most people know that a deeper, slower breath can calm the nervous system, but sometimes it’s hard to do that. When stressed or anxious, your breath becomes short and shallow. If you are often stressed and worried, then restricted breathing becomes a habit and habits can be hard to break. 

There are other reasons you may find it hard to take a deep breath. 

Watch the video to get some fun breathing facts and 5 reasons why you may not be able to breathe deeply when you are anxious…along with what to do about it.

In the video, I mention “resistance”. Here’s another video I did about that - https://youtu.be/4nQSgGJQZhc 

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