What Yoga Props Do I Need at Home?

Oct 20, 2022

Yoga includes physical postures, breath regulation, relaxation and meditation. A daily practice helps to strengthen and balance body, mind and spirit.  It’s a practice of self-discovery and one of the very best ways to manage mind and mood. It can be done in just a few minutes a day.

Many people love going to a yoga class but aren’t sure what to do at home, or how to set up a place to practice. Also, not having the right gear can keep you from this wonderful daily ritual.

But the truth is, you don’t need anything at all. You can practice postures on the floor, you can sit in a chair or on a pillow in the house to meditate.

However, when you have a designated place and some specific props, it makes it more “real”, more likely you’ll do this daily practice of self-understanding and self-awareness.

So, in this video, Mira shares the most commonly used yoga props. Just the basics to get you started…and keep you practicing for years to come. 

Consistency is the most important thing. A short daily practice of moving your body and breath, focusing your mind and relaxing completely can be a great support for your mind and mood throughout the day and over the years.

Having the right tools on hand makes it easier to make this happen.

In the kitchen, meals are a breeze when you have a comfortable spatula and the spices are in reach. Have the right tools in easy reach for your daily practice of being you too.

Yoga is one fantastic way to feel less anxious and more awesome. For 5 more ideas, check out the guide below.

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