What Does Anxious To Awesome Look Like in YOUR Family?

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October 5 @ 7:00pm Central

One-hour Workshop

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Everyone experiences feelings of stress and worry at times.  When it begins to get in the way of your daily routine and compromises quality of life, it's time to take action.  Missing school because of worry-induced tummy aches and headaches, not joining in social activities due to anxious feelings and dealing with sleepless nights is no way to live!

If this is true for you, you’re not alone. Anxiety is the number one mental health challenge in the world today – for both children and adults. Learn to root out the cause of anxious feelings with fun, easy-to-use tools - and keep those worries away.

Everyone has anxious feelings but each family is unique. One of the super cool things about a holistic approach is that it is personalized for YOU.

Your family may have the most disruption in the mornings. Missed breakfasts and buses. Or, it may be the transition home from school and it's like zombies vs. the Tasmanian Devil at your house. 

Maybe bedtime is like a moving target on a midway game at the fair, and you haven't won any prizes in a long time. And then there are all the random times during the day where anxiety pops it's head from around the corner startling you like Ellen Degeneres scares the guests on her show. 

In this free workshop, we’ll help you get a better picture of what’s working, what’s not and then we’ll share some quick tools from our proven strategy to feel less anxious and more awesome where you need it most.

How to go from Anxious to Awesome 

Move your body with awareness, shape your breath, tend to your mind, engage with nature and with others. It will help you feel better. Sometimes a little bit and oftentimes a lot. In this free workshop we'll share enjoyable activities anyone can do; no experience needed! These tools help you address anxious feelings minute-by-minute, day-by-day and year after year. We'll show you how for YOUR family in this fun free workshop.

Get a simple system any family can follow, along with mindset shifts for living an empowered life.

If you have a child in your life who deals with anxious feelings, you know how heart-breaking it is to watch them struggle. We want to help! In this free workshop, Mira will share a few simple tools to help kids (and adults) feel less anxious and more awesome.

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It's free! October 5 @ 7:00pm Central
Everyone deserves to feel vibrant, connected and at ease. 

Meet Mira 

Your guide on the journey from anxious to awesome is Mira Binzen, C-IAYT. Mira has worked with children with disabilities and mental health concerns like anxiety since she was in high school. Mira was an anxious kid and is sometimes still an anxious adult. But she’s got tools and a lifestyle that helps her handle it with grace. And now you will too.

In addition to being a certified Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), she is also a certified iRest® Yoga Nidra teacher, a certified essential oil specialist and has a degree in Child Psychology from the University of Minnesota. She has been teaching wellness strategies to children and families since 1999. Mira has a knack for taking the complex and seemingly mysterious practices from ancient wisdom and making them fun and accessible for families today. She’s been teaching her signature Anxious to Awesome™ classes to families like yours for more than a decade.