3 Steps to Reduce Resistance

Jul 27, 2022

Resistance and anxiety are like BFFs. They often go together. Unfortunately, resistance is the kind of friend that's not a good influence on anxiety.

There are 3 steps to reduce resistance.

1) Understand
The first step to reducing resistance is to understand what it is and why it’s happening. Resistance, like anxiety, is part of your body’s alarm system. It also, like anxiety, can get in the way of a good life.

Resistance, as the name suggests, is fighting something off. Like when you brace yourself against getting a shot or having the dentist look inside your mouth. Your muscles tighten, your stress response is activated. This is how it causes more anxiety.

2) Welcome in the resistance
“Whaaat?”, you may be thinking. We are trying to get rid of it, not invite it in." The more you resist, the more it persists.

Every emotion or psychological state – like resistance and anxiety – pairs with physical sensations in the body. Every one! Learn what resistance feels like. Learning to recognize and interpret body sensations is a powerful tool that leads to greater self-understanding. This is at the heart of a holistic practice.  Be curious, friendly and interested to know more.

3) Movement
Step three is to move! Resistance is inertia, movement is momentum.

Let’s talk physics! Momentum and inertia. Inertia means that things that aren't moving, tend to stay put. Momentum means that once things are in motion, they tend to stay in motion. These are laws of physics. You can use this to your advantage. Taking ONE step starts to release the resistance. 

Watch this video to find out more.


The Movement Video mentioned is here.
The Journaling Video is here

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